Thursday, 21 April 2011

paper girl oxford

paper girl miniture art #02

On Tuesday I posted off my artwork for Paper Girl Oxford.

Organised by Oxford Cycle Workshop, Paper Girl is "a celebration of art, bicycles and the act of giving". It is a community art project where anyone can submit arwork - from drawings and doodles to prints and paintings - just as long as it's 2D.

An exhibition is going to be held on Friday 6th May, then on Saturday 7th May Paper Girl is going to jump on her bicycle and starting from Radcliffe Square in Oxford, at 11am, distribute artwork for free all over the city centre! What a lovely idea!

If you are local and would like to take part, there is still time to submit your artwork (the submission deadline is Friday 29th April).


Rebecca said...

I think I am officially stalking you. In a nice, admiring way of course. We are way to similar and it's freaking me out. Example: I brought a book of birds to sketch at work and here you have a card with a bird! Really, this is no accident... ;0). I wish I was closer to participate because I would be honored to have a drawing alongside yours! I gush but it's true!

Bluebird Daydreams said...

Wow your drawings are gorgeous. I want to learn to draw like you. ;-) Ive been practising but have a long way to go. Still the fun is in the practising yes?

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