Friday, 29 July 2011

space, stars, music: transmission_001


Myself, Paul and my brother, Lewis were lucky enough to get tickets for the first ever music event at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics; home to the world's third largest radio telescope, the Lovell Telescope.

The line up for Live From Jodrell Bank: Transmission_001 consisted of OKGO, British Sea Power and The Flaming Lips. From the moment we boarded the organised bus from Manchester, there was a lovely festival feeling about the whole event.

The day could only be described as awe-inspiring. It has to be the best live music event I have ever been to! We were all incredibly impressed with just how good The Flaming Lips are live - and the setting next to the Lovell Telescope can only be described as jaw-dropping.

We were all left with goosebumps as they started transmitting the sound of far off stars and rotating the telescope around ready to project images off as soon as darkness fell.

A really amazing day in the middle of a highly enjoyable weekend in Manchester ...and I can tell you now that we'll be the first in line for tickets for Transmission_002 next year!